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Volkswagen Group making good progress in its retrofit campaign for diesel models (Feb 2017)

Volkswagen has already successfully retrofitted around 3.4 million diesel vehicles to date; these are vehicles with the EA189 engine type and displacements of 2.0, 1.6 and 1.2 litres. Around 1.4 million German vehicles are represented in this total.

The statistics indicate another relationship as well. Vehicles that received official approval for the retrofit early on – in spring 2016 – have already been to service garages for the software update with few exceptions.

According to the latest figures, well over 200,000 customers worldwide are added each week; in Germany the figure was up to 100,000 per week. The company expects a strong increase in work completion figures in upcoming weeks, especially in Germany.

This is now possible, because the Volkswagen Group has received all required official approvals for the retrofit from the German Federal Motor Vehicle and Transport Authority for diesel vehicles with the EA189 engine type and EU5 type approval.

Reactions from dealerships and customers are very positive, because dealerships were very well prepared for performing the technical measures on affected vehicles. Feedback so far indicates that the service measures are running smoothly, and the vast majority of customers is satisfied with the technical solution. The more than 20,000 customers surveyed about the software update gave the service performance an average grade of 1.5 – on a scale based on school grading from 1 to 5, where 1 is the best grade.

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